In the Aug. 6, 2013 issue of the “Farm Press Blog,” the article “Muscadine offers flavor no man can replicate” states:

If you need another reason to munch on a muscadine, your natural desire to consume these sinfully sweet fruits is actually beneficial to your health.  As one of nature’s richest sources of polyphenolic antioxidants, muscadines have been the target of research for effectiveness against cancer.  Before you get too spit-happy with your grape, you might also want to know that muscadine skins and pulp are an excellent source of dietary fiber, essential minerals and carbohydrates.

Author says of the muscadine’s taste:

Somewhere between summer and fall, this fruit offers the best of both worlds with a flavor that no man can replicate.”

And regarding the technique for eating the grape, she says that, “After savoring the liquid, you have the option of disposing of the seeds, pulp and skin in whatever order you choose. I usually work out the seeds first (watching where I spit), chew on the pulp, and then suck the remaining juice from the flattened skin before sending it airborne.”  However, based on the research found here at, I strongly recommend NOT spitting out the seeds, but instead consuming them, since that’s where most of the grape’s nutritional value is located! 🙂