Dr. Gregor, M.D.:  “Cancer Prevention And Treatment May Sometimes Be The Same Thing.”

Dr. Michael Greger, M.D., who runs the amazing nutritionfacts.org site, said something yesterday that, sadly, is probably brand-new info to most people:

People are considered ‘healthy’ until they show symptoms, so if we’ve been harboring a malignancy for 20 years we may feel all right, but we haven’t been.  Thus, many people who do the right thing and improve their diet in hopes of preventing cancer may, at that very moment, be treating it as well.  In this way, cancer prevention and treatment may sometimes be the same thing.

In his blog post yesterday, Dr. Greger compared vegetables’ and mushrooms’ ability to inhibit cancer cell growth to that of drugs.  The findings he reports are staggering … if you take the time to read them!

We now suspect that all the epithelial cancers:  breast, colon, lung, pancreas, prostate, ovarian—the ones that cause the vast majority of cancer deaths—take up to 20 years or more to manifest.  By the time it’s picked up it may have already been growing, maturing, scheming for years, acquiring hundreds of new survival-of-the-fittest mutations to grow even quicker and better undermine our immune system.  Early detection may in effect be really, really late detection.

He has truckloads of data to support his statements.  One of the most overwhelming and entertaining health talks we’ve ever seen is his video, “Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death.”  It’s an hour, but well worth it.  Check it out, then change your eating habits and your family’s, too!  We recommend watching his videos on specific foods and their impact on bad cells in the lab – it’s fascinating stuff!